TCV Executive Committee

The current Tairāwhiti Community Voice Executive Committee includes:


Liz Graham-  Chairperson

Involved in St John for 37+ years - St John Youth Divison in Auckland. Moved to Gisborne in 1988 and became Divisional Manager with the Youth Division for the next 6 years. I moved over to the Gisborne Adult Division which eventually merged with Ambulance/Events section. I was a Volunteer Ambulance Officer for 7 years. Casual Tutor for First Aid Courses for 3 years.  Currently full time Rep for St John Medical Alarms into my 11th year.  My territory covers all Communities of the East Coast, Hawkes Bay region from Potaka on the East Coast and as far South as Kotemaori, inland to Lake Waikaremoana, Ruakituri and Matawai/Motu as well. I enjoy my job along with all its challenges and travelling but the most reward I get is seeing
people in their own homes being independent and making the most out of life.
I have built a great rapport with the Health and Social sector right across my Region. Which in return they support the work that I do in their Communities.
I am proud to be part of many Communities that I come into contact with and if able to help in any way big or small is an achievement within itself.

My family include my husband, Robert, son Gary (22yrs) and daughter Jessica (19yrs). We are part of the local BMX Club and travel away to BMX meets whenever we can. We also enjoy our holidays at Lake Waikaremoana when we can make it.

I enjoy being part of the TCV Network that connects to Communities in many different ways and supporting those Groups in any way that I can along with the Exec team.



Jon Davies

Born and educated in Auckland, of Nga Puhi and Welsh descent, I came to the Tairawhiti as a 22 year old and have lived here for the past 40 years. I have worked extensively in community facing roles in the Police, Social Welfare, Work & Income, Gisborne District Council and am currently with Idea Services (IHC). I have also held leadership roles in Civil Defence, Maritime NZ, NZ Army Reserves and NZ Cadet Forces.
My current role is a Service Manager of a group of residential and vocational services for adults with intellectual disabilities, in the Gisborne / Wairoa area.
I am married to Sharon and have 6 adult children and 7 grandchildren.



Lynda Markie

Currently, I’m the Manager/Secretary of the Gisborne Budget Service. My journey with the service started in 2008 when I answered an advertisement for part-time employment. In those days I worked as a Budget Adviser for 12 hours a week and sat on the committee as treasurer. My management role began in 2010 and I have seen many changes in the service and in the sector since then. Today Budget Advisers are known as Financial Mentors and we work alongside our clients using strength-based practice instead of the traditional ‘fixing’ their problems.  I now have more ‘hats’ than I know what to do with including training new mentors …more & more I spend my time in the back room rather than with clients of the service.

Through my work, I am keenly aware of the challenges faced by the community and I am passionate about making a positive difference.

I have been attending Tairāwhiti Community Voice (TCV) network meetings for some years (since the GISCOSS days) and enjoy the networking that comes with that and has seen the benefit of membership first hand within the budget service. I currently hold the position of co-treasurer for TCV.

I’m a Gisborne girl from birth; I did move away for some years but returned ‘home’ in 2002 to raise my young family who are now all grown and I have three gorgeous grandchildren. 

Long-term? No plans to move away. My commitment is here in Tairāwhiti, working in the social service sector.



Christine West

I was introduced to Tairawhiti Community Voice (TCV) as a nominee in the Nan Evans award by Gisborne East Coast Cancer Society in 2012, I was a volunteer with the Cancer Society for 17 years.

I Joined TCV in 2012 as an Executive Committee Member representing the Gisborne East Coast Cancer Society, then as an Independent since 2015.  From 2014 I have been a part of the Tairawhiti Disability Working Group (TDWG) who were instrumental in hosting a Webinar on “The Hidden Abuse of People with Disabilities” residing in our Community. TDWG collaborated in presenting a business case through our local Aged & Disability Support Advisory Committee ( ADSAC) for approval to go to Ministry of Health (MoH).  Currently Executive committee member Community Networks Aotearoa (CNA)  Became a member of Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA) in 2017

Over the last 5 years on TCV Executive Committee I have met some amazing and passionate people in their chosen fields, and I have seen how much of a difference their collective voice has made to the Community and Volunteer Sector. So, hang in there, be strong, be proud and hold onto your values, in the end that is what matters.

Happily married to Neville for 37 years and have 2 wonderful children.








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