About Tairāwhiti Community Voice

Our Vision

Communities, organisations and groups of people across Tairāwhiti have a strong voice to influence positive change.



Our Mission

  • TCV GISCOSS is a regional voice for local communities and organisations.
  • We are a network that cooperates to identify and collectively address the needs of our local communities.  
  • We help increase both, community involvement and peoples influence on the services they receive.
  • We provide a forum where communities, organisations and groups can effectively contribute to the social structure and development of the Tairawhiti Region. 


Our Purpose

  • To provide opportunities for local groups and organisations to share information and support each other to address topical issues and concerns.
  • To uphold and endorse the principles and values of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • To provide a collective voice that influences social, political and economic systems for the benefit of the community we serve.


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